Cgminer 3.1.1 Windows setup

1. Install the proper drivers (for GAW/Zeus hardware)

Most miners will use the CP210x driver from SILABS, although a few later models will use the FTDI driver.
To remove an old driver, go into the Windows device manager and right click on the miner under either "USB devices" or "COM and LPT" and choose to uninstall device, then choose the option to uninstall the drivers as well.

2. Download the cgminer 3.1.1 executable

Download from
Unzip the folder and place the "build" folder somewhere easily accessible

3. Configure the miner

Create a batch file:
Using Notepad, create a document and enter the following string
cgminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u 1KQxLLQNxgn2upd4TtGbtiRdm3f5UWC9k8 -p x --nocheck-golden --chips-count 128 --ltc-clk 328 -S //./COM4
Replace the pool, worker, and password strings with your own data
Replace the value after "--chips-count" with the number of chips your device has
Fury = 6
Black Widow/Cliff Jumper = 64
Falcon/Thunder X6 = 128
War Machine/Lightning = 256
For Generation two miners, change the value after "--ltc-clk" to 248
Change the COM port to match the value found within the "LPT and COM" listing in your Windows device manager
This can be found by right clicking on "My Computer", selecting "Manage", and going to the "Device Manager"
Save the file using "Save As" and choose "all files" in the drop down. Name the file whatever you wish, ending with .bat

4. Run the miner

Double click on the .bat file to run
In some cases you may need to right click and select "Run As Administrator"
If the window opens then immediately closes, you have a typo somewhere in your script

For more information, refer to this site: